Entry #22

Hey, grown ups.

2017-05-15 15:57:53 by glasscake

So today marks the day that I submitted my final piece of work for university and boy am I fucking pleased. Myself and the whole education system just do not get along and after 3 years I'm glad to put it behind me and get back to work.


I recently collaborated with the lovely MokkoMia as an assistant animator, co-director and sound designer to bring you "Pizzaman" which can be found here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/693201

In other (tight) noose! (around my neck)

I'll be posting a short 2 minute animation I made while attending within a few weeks, I'd just like to make a few adjustments (improvements?) before I share it with you peepz.


Lots of stuff to come so stick around, or don't! You might be better off that way.

Love you, Newgrounds.


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2017-05-15 17:28:54

YE! Stick it to em James, looking forward to the new toon


2017-05-24 11:04:56

Was re-watching Jared today, definitely looking forward to whatever's next